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Scandinavian Bookcase in Pine by Carl Malmsten

Scandinavian Bookcase in Pine by Carl Malmsten


A beautiful shelf designed by Carl Malmsten, manufactured in his own studio, 1940s. This piece goes together well with pine furniture from other Swedish designers from the era, such as Axel Einar Hjorth. 


    Height: 37.41 in. (95 cm)

    Width: 39.77 in. (101 cm)

    Depth: 11.03 in. (28 cm)


    Good original condition with signs of wear. One ring and a dent on the edge on the top as seen on picture. The shelves are loose and made to move around, but the original holes were in bad condition so we choose to drill new holes and use slightly thicker holders for the shelves. If you want to change position of the shelves, you need to drill the existing holes to make them fit the new holders.


    Europe: €200

    USA: Upon request


    Mail us at
    or ring +46-762636766

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